Precautions for purchasing antistatic color steel sandwich panel

2020-08-15 16:44:52 550

  Antistatic color steel sandwich panel has good sound insulation and sound absorption performance, sound insulation materials improve the sound insulation effect of the system, on the matters needing attention in the procurement of antistatic color steel sandwich panel, the following is a brief introduction.


Antistatic color steel sandwich panel has good acid and alkali resistance and antibacterial properties. After selecting the product, there is no need to worry about the corrosion agent damage to the wall. In addition, it has antibacterial ability, greatly reducing the intensity of sterilization operation.

  Large manufacturers pay more attention to word-of-mouth and reputation, and they will not take the risk of cutting corners or using good or bad people to replace them. In particular, if consumers do not have a good understanding of the product, it is recommended that they go to the field investigation.

  Large manufacturers are more cautious and strict in purchasing raw materials. Sandwich panel industry is a low-tech industry, and the quality of raw materials directly affects the quality of products. For example, the density of rock wool used for drying in and out of panels and clean room panels needs to be higher than 80 K to ensure temperature and strength, which most people know nothing about and can only be controlled consciously by the manufacturer.