Precautions for storage of color steel sandwich panel

2020-09-01 17:17:30 149

  The sandwich panel has good fire protection, heat insulation and sound insulation performance, mainly used for the thermal insulation and sound insulation of the external wall and roof of the construction project. The matters needing attention for the storage of color steel sandwich panel are briefly introduced below.


Other exposed steel, such as building reinforcement, should be avoided in the stacking area of color steel sandwich panel, so as to prevent corrosive steel floating on the plate, which can not eliminate adhesion. It should be stored on wooden sleeper or other protective cushion, and should not contact with the road immediately.

  If it is placed outdoors, it needs to be covered with tarpaulin. The water will turn black after penetration, so it needs to be covered with tarpaulin. If there is water seepage or fog between the color steel sandwich panels, separate them one by one, wipe the surface with a clean thin cloth, and then dry them in the shade.

  When the color steel sandwich panel is stacked, each layer shall not exceed 4 boxes, and other hanging articles shall not be placed on the plate. People and feet are strictly prohibited to walk on the board. Do not place on top. If necessary, place the mat on the road so that the insulation material and wire mesh will not be in direct contact to avoid moisture. The top and sides need to be covered with tarpaulin.

  Through the above introduction