How to buy high quality rock wool board

2020-08-29 14:00:46 165

  Rock wool sandwich board can greatly reduce the cost of temporary facilities on the construction site. Therefore, it is a heavy, heat insulation, waterproof and decorative new building envelope material. So how to buy high-quality rock wool sandwich board? Here is a brief introduction.


Ignition characteristics refer to all the physical and chemical reactions that occur when building decoration materials catch fire. The flammability of raw material surface and flame propagation, combustion, smoking, carbonization, weight loss and formation of toxic by-products can be considered. The flammability of rock wool fabric is zero.

  The cold and wet reliability of rock wool sandwich panel was qualitatively analyzed by folding temperature of heat load. The wet rock wool fabric sample was immersed in slowly heated water. When the temperature reaches 643 ℃, the rock wool fabric begins to close. Therefore, the load closing temperature of rock wool fabric is 643 ℃. In other words, when the external temperature reaches 643 ℃, the rock wool insulation board will deform.

  Water absorption is the ability of material to digest and absorb water in gas. In addition, it is related to the diameter and structure of skin pores. The water absorption rate of rock wool sandwich panel in air is 3.9% per square meter, which can keep warm and heat insulation, and has waterproof effect.