Solution to water leakage of color steel sandwich panel

2020-08-21 13:49:21 287

  The construction safety of color steel sandwich panel is still very high, and its practicability is also very good. As long as the overall design and construction are completed, there will be a guarantee naturally. The solution to the water leakage problem of color steel sandwich panel is briefly introduced below.


If the color steel deformation, especially the quality of raw materials is not good, the problem of deformation after using for a period of time needs to be the same. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct deformation inspection and color steel building inspection at least quarterly, especially after rainy season.

  If color steel sandwich panels have just been installed, they should normally be leak free and should also be tested. However, if the roof span is large or there is water in the middle, it will inevitably lead to deformation or leakage problems. It is suggested to consider the overall situation of the clearance in the installation process, and a large number of tests should be carried out. However, if there is a big gap, it is necessary to do a good job of testing and confirmation, so as not to cause problems and affect the subsequent use of color steel room. However, if there is leakage between plates after installation, it needs to be confirmed as a whole.

  Through the above introduction, I believe you have more knowledge and understanding of the solution to the water leakage problem of color steel sandwich panel. Thank you for your patience. If you need more products, you can contact us directly by telephone.