Common sticking methods of rock wool sandwich board

2020-08-04 17:47:18 188

  Because of its excellent performance, rock wool sandwich board has been widely used in many aspects. Therefore, many people do not know its pasting method very well. The following is a brief introduction to the common paste method of rock wool sandwich board.


In the paste used in construction, the strip bonding method or point sticking method is usually used. In the process of pasting, pay attention to the adhesive area is not less than 50%. After painting, the bottom of the composite plate should be glued to the base. It should be noted that the product should be placed horizontally from the top to the bottom, and should be fixed in the process of placing. The plate seams are naturally closed, and the gap between plates is not more than 2mm.

  When the joint width is 2mm, insulating materials shall be filled. The surface of adjacent plates shall be flat, and the height difference between plates shall not exceed 1.5mm. During the construction process, the outlet position of the pipe passing through the wall and the components that can reach the wood board will be filled with the same material, and then waterproof and sealed. After the rock wool sandwich board is pasted, the plastering surface shall be treated, and the stainless steel scraper can be used to Polish the whole surface.

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