Correct method of construction and installation of rock wool sandwich board

2020-07-30 17:31:28 267

  In the construction and installation of rock wool sandwich panel, in addition to the overall structure, fire resistance and decoration effect, wind resistance should be considered to improve its service life. About the rock wool sandwich board construction and installation of the correct method, the following is a simple share for you.


Before the construction of rock wool sandwich panel roof or floor, the floor slab, reinforcement and embedded parts layout shall be lifted according to the design requirements. Its joint should be placed on the bracket, and it needs to be supported before plastering. Under the principle of not affecting the plastering and ensuring the structural deformation, the floor surface is required to be flat and not arched or bent.

  The prefabricated rock wool sandwich panel roof or floor should be produced in a professional factory, and the prefabricated board can reach 80% of the design strength before leaving the factory. When transporting and stacking, they should be firmly supported and placed vertically. The hoisting shall be equipped with special equipment, and the surface of wood board shall be filled with mud, and the slurry shall be uniformly stressed. After the acceptance, the whole surface can be grouted, poured or paved.

  The roof panel of rock wool sandwich panel is fixed with special M6 self tapping screw and purlin, which can effectively resist typhoon and other external forces. The self tapping screw is fixed on the top of the joint of two roof plates, and special waterproof structure is adopted to avoid the weak point of waterproof.

  Based on the above introduction, I believe you have more knowledge and understanding of the correct method of rock wool sandwich panel construction and installation. If you need relevant products, you can contact us directly.