Tips for purchasing colored steel tile

2020-07-25 14:01:10 170

When we decorate, we will certainly use color steel tile, for its purchase method, by a lot of consumers' attention, about the purchase of color steel tile tips, the following is a simple understanding of small make-up bar.




In the selection of color steel tile, the company should avoid checking the base material and paint film. The key is that it is composed of base material, peritoneum and rich color combination. Therefore, we need to check the thickness of the product. It is very important that the thickness of the good product is usually more than 0.5mm. Because the thickness of the plate will affect its service life, it is very important to identify its thickness Important.

  When purchasing color steel plate, please be sure to check its outer edge for small crystals, discoloration and impurities. If the quality of the crystals on the slice is good, the quality will be better. You can also tap with your hand or a hard object to hear the sound. If the sound is not bright, the quality of the product is relatively poor; if the sound is more loud and mellow, the quality of the product will be better.

  Through the above content, I believe that you have more understanding of the skills of purchasing color steel tile, hope to have more help for your purchase, friends who need related products can contact us directly, and our company will serve you wholeheartedly.