Production process of galvanized C-section steel

2020-07-16 17:50:54 170

  There is a high demand for galvanized C-section steel in the market. In the process of continuous demand of enterprises, through improving the product processing process and technical level, at the same time, improving the overall quality of the product, increasing the output, to meet the market demand. About the production process of galvanized C-section steel, the following is a simple share for you.


In the process of consumption, technical requirements are very strict. When galvanized C-section steel is consumed, cold extrusion technology is used to prevent the formation of heated steel. After high-precision mold design, we can draw various sizes and types of steel. For different types of steel, the degree of requirement is also different. Round, flat, square and other steels are produced by cold drawing process.

  Lubricating appearance is the basic feature of galvanized C-section steel. In the process of producing galvanized steel by caesarean section, only by adjusting the size of the die can cold drawn steel with different shapes and sizes be consumed. Mold design can be designed into different shapes, such as right angle and fillet, with high sensitivity and meeting the actual consumption requirements.

  Galvanized C-section steel has high precision, and professional mold maintenance personnel design and manufacture the mold to ensure that the actual tolerance is accurate and uniform, so that the product specifications are consistent. The surface lubrication makes the inner and outer surfaces of the high die be squeezed when passing through the mold, which has a high lubricating effect on the surface.

  The above is the production process of galvanized C-section steel, thank you for your patience. If you need, you can contact us directly.