Is the design requirement of C-shaped steel frame high

2020-07-14 17:46:31 198

  During the operation of C-section steel, various accessories can be connected in different combinations. Its appearance is beautiful and can reduce the weight and engineering volume of the building roof. So C-shaped steel frame design requirements? The following is a simple analysis for you.


C-shaped steel frame is mainly used for the processing of high-rise steel structure. In order to improve its stability, steel-concrete composite structure is usually used. In order to pursue economy, its bearing capacity should be transmitted to the structure through very direct lines, rather than in the form of columns and frames.

  In order to ensure the application of C-section steel in steel structure, steel cutting should be carried out on shear or saw machine as far as possible, especially for thin-walled steel roof frame, so as to ensure fine cutting. In this way, not only the work efficiency can be improved, but also the quality can be guaranteed. It has good section performance and high strength. Mainly used in floor system or roof system. The installation site is outdoor and roof platform, the installation angle is adjustable, and the wind load can bear 60m / s.

  Based on the above introduction, I believe that you have more understanding of the design requirements of C-shaped steel frame. I hope it can help you understand. If you want to know more product information, you can pay attention to our website for continuous understanding.