Application technology of C-section steel

2020-07-09 16:50:59 256

  When installing and fixing other parts on the C-beam, it is often necessary to drill the mounting hole on the main body of the C-beam, which will greatly reduce the strength of the C-shaped steel. On the other hand, due to the increase of drilling technology, the installation efficiency is reduced and the installation is not convenient. Therefore, it is an important topic in the field of section steel installation technology to reduce the need of drilling holes in the section steel.

Application technology of C-section steel


The C-shaped steel clamp block with mounting holes can be fixed at any position on the C-shaped steel, and provide the C-shaped steel with the installation holes needed for installing other parts. The utility model realizes in this way, and provides a C-type steel clamping block, which comprises a clamping block body and a fastener, and the C-shaped steel clamping block can be sheathed on the folded edge of the C-shaped steel.

  The clamping block body includes a sliding part and a mounting part. The sliding part is U-shaped and is provided with connecting edge, retaining edge and groove. The folding edge can be installed in the groove. The height of the retaining edge is less than that of the folding edge, and the installation part is provided with an installation hole.

  In addition, the fastening parts include the fastening bolt and the threaded hole matched with it. The fastener is located at the connecting edge, the tightening bolt can be screwed to the outer surface of the folding edge, and the clamping block body is fixed at any position of the folding edge.