Analysis of the structure of C-section steel combination Kit

2020-07-09 16:50:15 297

   In the global steel structure industry, light steel structure has gradually become popular in the past decade. The main reason is that this method is firstly processed and assembled in the factory on a large scale, which can greatly reduce working hours, improve production efficiency, and greatly reduce environmental pollution. Next, we will take you to understand the structure of C-shaped steel combination kit.

Analysis of the structure of C-section steel combination Kit


At present, the existing light steel structures are basically welded with rivets or screws to complete the steel framework. This method has great defects. Firstly, it is easy to weld and rust, and the hardness is too high. It is easy to fracture. Small bubbles will appear in the welding area to accelerate the rust. The overall structure is not safe, and incomplete bonding often occurs at the joint of steel skeleton, which will affect the resistance of steel structure Seismic performance and low safety factor.

  The safety of C-type steel structure composite structure patent application is greatly improved, but there are also some problems. There are still many defects in the construction and production. The joints of the components used previously use different joints, which will lead to the production of different parts, resulting in high production cost and low production efficiency, while the on-site assembly is more complex and inefficient, which requires more workers The labor cost is higher when the assembly is completed.

  In order to solve the problems of multiple joint types, high production cost, low production efficiency, low installation efficiency and high labor cost, the above-mentioned joint is used in the prior art.